Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Five Things

Earlier this summer a friend's granddaughter posted a video for a college essay contest. I hope you can still see her "Five Things" video essay HERE.

Inspired by her thoughts, I started my own version of it as we began our sabbatical here in Croatia.

Alexa's thought was to write five things she was thankful for each day.

I took it a few steps further since I've tried something similar before but didn't keep it up as diligently as she is. So I added some categories to try and help me stick with it!

My categories for five things:

 I am...
  • Thankful for
  • Learning
  • Delighted by
  • Thinking about
  • Praying for
  • Noticing
  • Discovering about me
  • Trusting the Lord for

Some days I only do one category, while other days I do three or four. The variety of possibilities is helping me to stick with it.

Some days I only write a few words in the categories I choose. Other days I write pages!

I think what's helping me to stick with it is that I give myself flexibility in writing, and have options for what to write each day.

This has turned into one of my most valuable writing exercises, and one of my best journals.

I am thankful for: the creativity of Alexa who got me started in this!


  1. What a lovely idea. Would you let me use your idea & link to this post on Martha Street? I think many women struggle with being consistent within the 1000 gifts idea of keeping a gratitude/thankfulness journal. You'll give lots of women a great tool to keep going in this direction. Wonderful post!

  2. Love this! I've been doing the "Everyday me" thing on my phone, and that's worked great for a quick journal every day as well. I like this thought too! :)