Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lifting Our Eyes

One of the blessings about this time of sabbatical is the gift of having time to "lift our eyes".

We're doing that literally and figuratively during these days.

There is something so good about getting up above the clouds, having time to look out over the horizon, and listen to the Lord's still voice in the breeze. 

Being able to do this literally is true nourishment to our souls, especially Dave's. There is nothing he enjoys more than getting "up above" so he can think, pray, and dream.

There is a spectacular view from the highest mountain on Brač as evidenced by these photos that are not even edited. This is some serious "God country" here! What magnificent places He has created!

Our eyes, ears, souls, and hands are lifted up to Him these days as we spend time with Him and with each other - envisioning the future and all that God has in store for us and His work with Josiah Venture.

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  1. The scenery in Croatia is just breath taking! Love the photography picture with your arms in a V!