Saturday, September 28, 2013

On To What's Next

It was an early morning pull-out yesterday from the beautiful place on Brač that was so generously given to us by dear friends. Thank you John and Kris! How refreshed we feel after these weeks in your corner of God's amazing creation!

We traveled all day and arrived in Zagreb for the night. Today we will continue on to our family in Ljubljana, Slovenia for a few days. 

It's cool, cloudy and rainy here. But our hearts and souls are full and warm from our restful sabbatical. So grateful to the Lord for His nourishment while in Croatia.

Now we begin to turn our hearts towards what's next! Time in the States to reconnect with our kids, family, friends and our church families around the country.

And, we hope, to write some books! Both Dave and I have writing projects on our hearts so we will jump into those in the next few weeks. 

In my heart, I'll be writing from this spot. Such sweet memories are now associated with that view. 

Grateful. Oh. So. Grateful!!

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