Thursday, September 5, 2013

Mirror of Life

For those of you who've been following our boat adventures of the past week, we're safely back to our house on Brac.

But of course, not without just a little more excitement to round out the week!

The wind finally settled down enough for us to leave from Bol around 11 AM, Wednesday morning. We headed to the boat, which was moored just a bit precariously from the standpoint of getting on...but safely, otherwise.  That's us, just off the end of that tiny platform.

Dave inched out onto it and got in the boat to start it, while Kaylee and I waited on the rocks as the boat bobbed up and down in the sea. By this time, I knew better than to get on a rocking honestly makes me a bit seasick even as I type.

With the wind and the waves as my background, I couldn't hear well so didn't know that the puzzled look on Dave's face was because the boat wouldn't start...again.

After numerous attempts, with no success, he sent Kaylee and I off to the promenade to wait on a bench in the shade, while he tried to figure out what was wrong. 

Good thing she's such a flexible dog! I guess some would say I'm flexible too...ha ha!

When he came back about an hour later, there was such a look of satisfaction on his face.

"I know what's wrong!" he joyfully exclaimed to me". "It's the fuel's not getting fuel to the carburetor."

I smiled at his excitement but asked, "Can you fix it?"

"Not without getting the part, which I doubt is here. But I've got one trick that may just get us home. Wait here and I'll text you to come if it works".

And off he went, like a kid in a candy store! Honestly...solving these kinds of problems is what Dave loves BEST!

Sure enough, about a half hour later I got a text: "You can come!"

A little ingenuity, a small hose and a spare gas can solved the problem. Well, temporarily. But at least the engine had started, and off we went - finally headed home!

It was quite a bumpy ride as we'd again missed the window of opportunity for traveling with low wind. But at that point I didn't mind. I knew we'd be home soon.

We made it, and are once again safely tucked in at this house.

As I type, Dave's making a call to Split, across on the mainland, to see if they have the fuel pump. Until then, we won't be going anywhere in it soon.

While this trip was full of unexpected setbacks and difficulties, I honestly loved our time on the boat. What happened was such a mirror of life.

We endured trials and worked through hard things.

But we were also blessed by unbelievable beauty, joy in discovering new things, delights and surprises, as well as the goodness of experiencing it together.

The two - the hard and the good - went hand in hand.

As they do in life.

Rich, exciting, adventurous lives, require that. And that's the life that I want, even if it means enduring some bumps along the way!

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  1. And just like life you will look back on this adventure with fondness, remembering the joy and beauty but not the fear and doubt! So fun to follow your epic adventure, just you, Dave and "little skipper" Kaylee!