Wednesday, August 7, 2019

People I Love

Oh the joy of summer days and time to spend with people I love!

Martina and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch at one of my favorites in Frýdek-Místek this afternoon.

She serves on the JV iTeam as our conference director and leader of the executive admin you know what that means? She is an unbelievable servant! She handles details like nobody's business!

"Martina, where would we be without you?? Thanks for loving, caring and serving all of us so well!"

Later in the afternoon I headed into Ostrava to see this friend.

I met Irena just a few months after we moved here in 1993...that means we've known each other a very long time! She was in the first Bible study I ever led here in Czech, and we've walked through a lot of life together and remained friends all these years.

She has lived in Prague for the past 20 years, teaching high school students and sharing Christ with many of them. She's also a gifted translator and has translated countless Christian books from English to Czech. She just told me she did "Jesus Calling" so we went to a bookstore at the mall and I bought one - it has her name in it! How I love hearing about all the ways she's living out her faith today.

And finally this evening, I met two more Czech friends here!

I didn't get a picture of them, but will on Saturday when we play together at a wedding! We practiced here as it's our church's "Fusion" ministry building, where all the instruments are. Some will get packed up and taken to the wedding on Saturday morning so we can lead worship there.

My cup is running over with blessing this evening as I think back on this day, spent with dear ones that I've known and walked through life with for years. This is one of the greatest joys for having spent nearly 26 years of our lives in Czech: we love so many people in this country that we call home!

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