Saturday, August 17, 2019

Birthday En Route

My 58th birthday started at our home in Frýdlant this morning, and then continued in the car!

We're on our way to vacation in Croatia, which is the perfect way for me to spend my birthday since that's such a happy place for me to be headed to.

We stopped at Tesco to pick up a few last things, and while there Dave saw flowers and wanted to buy them for me for my birthday.

I said, "How about we take a picture of me with them, and leave them for someone else to enjoy?!" His thought to buy them for me meant as much as actually buying them!

He did buy me other treats along the way. You just never know what you're going to find at gas stations here.

My birthday dinner was at a high class establishment. 🤣

But I've loved McDonalds since I was a little girl (thanks mom and dad for so many happy trips there!) so actually, it was appropriate to stop there. Besides, when you're driving, there aren't many options, unless you stop at a real restaurant that takes time.

When we're headed on vacation, we just want to get there!

I had to laugh at the stop we made here for bathrooms and coffee. Is this a subliminal message for me on my birthday??

But they catered to my inner child, having my favorite Haribo treat that I usually only can get in Croatia!

And they came through with one last sweet gift from Dave, which he picked out for me in their gift shop. I love it!

And I love being loved so well by him! 😉

We drove into the night, enjoying the beauty along the way as we always do.

**I'm writing this several days later as we haven't had wifi for me to post. My birthday was such a happy one, traveling with Dave! We're in Croatia now, a place that nourishes our bodies, souls and spirits. I love having a summer birthday that coincides with summer vacation!

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