Friday, August 16, 2019

Prepping for Camp

When I needed to pick up something from Claire today, I asked where I should meet her. This was her answer!

She's at the JVK garage in Frýdlant, where all sorts of things are stored for conferences and such.

But this collection of tubs and suitcases is going somewhere special in just two days.

JV Kid's Camp!

She, along with Mel and Amy Ellenwood, will lead this year's group of 58 kids, between the ages of 8 and 18, at our JV camp facility in Poland.

It is often the highlight of the year for many of the JVK!

A fantastic group of JV staff will also be there as counselors to love and invest in these kids as they lead discussions, play games, make crafts, worship together, and have oh so much fun!

This is also a highlight of Claire's year as she gets a whole week to help shepherd the JVK into deeper relationship with the Lord, through teaching that she'll be doing (along with Amy and Trish Wynn), and lots of personal time with the kids.

When I specifically asked her what I could pray for next week she said, "...that kids will get to be themselves at camp, among a group who knows, loves and understands them in their uniqueness as missionary kids; and that I'd have the Lord's eyes and heart to know who specifically needs some extra care, love and investment."

Claire, Amy and Trish will be teaching through the passage in Ephesians 6 on spiritual warfare - how to take your stand and put on the armor of God. So she definitely wants prayer for that too - that the kids learn how to "stand firm" and be informed, prepared and equipped soldiers who follow Jesus no matter what the cost. 

I said goodbye to Claire and she literally walked off into the setting sun!

We won't see her until after camp is over since we're leaving soon for vacation. But she and all the JVK, along with our staff who will be there, are already in my prayers for next week - August 19-25th. Pray for them too - for God's protection over them all.

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