Thursday, August 8, 2019

Warm Summer Day

Oh these boys!

I went to spend the afternoon with them, getting an hour with Lara before Judah woke up first from his nap. After snuggles and playtime, Judah asked if he could go take pictures on my phone. I'm always so curious what he'll come back with!

Aw, I love that he captured his mom in the kitchen, and his dad at his desk!

And then he came back to me in the living room!

Soon, Asher was up from his nap, all smiles and wanting to show me his "tricks"!

Lara then suggested we go to the Ostrava square for ice cream - she got immediate "yeses" to that!

When we went to get shoes, I saw for the first time, Judah putting his own on - proud of him for these little steps of growing up!

Just a two minute walk from their door is a great ice cream stand. Judah wanted "apple" and Asher wanted "unicorn"! 🤣

Lara says "unicorn" is a fancy name for what tastes like bubble gum!

What a gorgeous afternoon to enjoy the square of Ostrava!

I used to bring our kids here too, when they were little, to enjoy the fountain (that used to be in place of all the little ones that are now there) and ice cream at McDonalds.

It's amazing to be coming here now with grandsons!

There's just something about water and ice cream on a warm summer day!

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