Friday, August 30, 2019

Vacationing Together

Several months ago we were talking with some of our single JV gals and realized that we'd all be on vacation in Croatia at the same time. Dave and I would be at the end of our vacation, and they would be at the beginning of theirs.

They have all been to Hvar before, but only ON the island...not out in a boat BY the island! We thought it would be so fun to experience a day together with them on our boat so arranged to meet them today!

While the air was warm today, it started out completely cloudy. But by the time we came to pick them up, there was starting to be a little bit of blue sky.

We pulled up to the main dock in Hvar Town, where the big ferries come in to drop off and pick up people. We were a *little* bit smaller than those ferries. But it still worked to pick up passengers from there!

We headed out from Hvar Town, so happy to be with the girls!

After touring around the Pakleni islands, a group of islands just off of the main island of Hvar, we came into a bay on Palmižana.

Yes, we're definitely the little guy here.

And there are much bigger boats out beyond us! We kept wondering if anyone famous was here!

We brought the girls here to have lunch!

The Meneghello family began developing this island over a hundred years ago. Their story is pretty fascinating if you want to read about it HERE.

What they created, and are still creating, is a little bit of paradise.

We had an amazing lunch in one of the cabana's at water's edge. Normally you have to pay to be in them for the whole day, but since it was a slow day, the waitress let us eat here for only the cost of lunch. What a treat, in every way!

We wandered a bit afterward, up into the botanical gardens that are famous on this island. Found some real beauties there!

Found a few characters there as well. 🤪

After getting back onto the boat, Dave motored us out to take the girls exploring.

We brought them to the cove where we slept last night, which is very quiet and almost no one else around. How much fun it was to swim and laugh and play together there!

And then for about an hour, Dave and I sat on the back of the boat while the girls were in the water, and we had the best conversation you can imagine! Truly a magical afternoon, where it felt like time stood still as we enjoyed each other and God's beautiful creation.

All too soon it was time to head back to Hvar to drop off the girls.

And this time we actually took them right to the cove where they come down from their rental apartment to swim! Despite the sign, we dropped them off...we weren't really docking, after all!

What an incredibly sweet day with these precious ladies! They are faithfully serving in Slovenia, Czech and Ukraine so it was wonderful to get this time together on vacation!

It's rare Dave and I get a picture of us in the boat, so this one is a keeper, taken by Gwynne!

She captured a video of us motoring off into the sunset too, which I took a screenshot of to remember the ending of our special time with Stephanie, Gwynne, Amanda, Christy and Shelby!

We can now say that we not only love serving together, but vacationing together as well!

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