Saturday, August 10, 2019

Wedding in the Beskydys

On this beautiful Saturday morning, I arrived at a hotel in the Beskydy mountains for a wedding.

I'm not here as a guest, per se, but to be here for a certain part of the wedding.

Two months ago, when we had a baptism at our church, I was on the team that led worship that day. One of the young women who was baptized, is the one getting married today! Her fiancé wrote to our team a few weeks after the baptism and asked if we could do two worship songs at their wedding.

Bětka and I were available, but Jonny wasn't - so our dear friend, Boža (another worship leader in our church) stepped in...and here we are today!

The wonderful thing about this wedding is that I actually knew the bride when she was in elementary school with Claire! So it made it all the more special to be the wedding worship team today.

One of the endearing moments of the wedding was when the best man and maid of honor (the bride's sister) came to pray for Erwin and Martina.

After the ceremony, the happy couple walked down the aisle to bubbles being blown, and rose petals showered over them!

After all the congratulations, I asked if I could have a picture with the married couple.

And then they walked down the aisle once again, towards their reception, showered in love from family and friends!

The wedding celebration will continue the whole rest of the day and evening, with lunch and dinner for the guests, as is the usual tradition here.

Our worship team stayed for the group photo (another tradition here) but then packed up our things so they could continue on with their celebration.

As I was leaving the parking lot, I saw these magnificent horses arrive with their carriage and driver to take the couple for a ride. I didn't stay to watch, but I'm sure it was lovely for them to take their first ride together in this carriage as husband and wife!

May God's blessing be over Erwin and Martina as they begin their married life on this day!

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