Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Return to Czech

What a happy greeting this evening from these two sweet girls!

They, along with their parents, Rob and Audrey Chestnut, just arrived yesterday from the States to serve again with us in Josiah Venture!

Rob and Audrey served here in Czech for five and a half years, and then have been gone for three, serving at a church in Florida.

We are overjoyed that God moved in their hearts to return and serve on our training team out of the JV office in Frýdlant!

While they search for a home, they're here, at Mel and Amy Ellenwood's home while they are in "exile" (Social Security exile, that is). Teta Tina (Aunt Tina to Rob and Audrey's girls, but also known as our dear Martina!) has been here since Mel and Amy left, so all five of them will be here together enjoying their time of reconnecting.

We brought dessert to enjoy with everybody tonight; these two look the most ready of all to enjoy a famous Marlenka honey cake!

It feels so right to be with all of them, back here in Czech!

We're thankful for the ways that God keeps building our JV family, filling in holes on our team and making a way for us to keep moving forward with the Gospel and building God's Kingdom through evangelism, discipleship and leadership training.

I'm so glad that part of His provision is through the Chestnut family's return to Czech!

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