Saturday, August 24, 2019

Restful Days

After a busy season of ministry and life it has been so good to slow down with Dave and enjoy each other and God's amazingly beautiful creation out here on the island of Lastovo.

Our souls and bodies are being refreshed each day.

And our souls are being fed by the magnificence of what God created on this island!

With our little boat we pull into these kinds of coves, with water so clear you can see to the bottom through meters and meters of aquamarine loveliness, and sometimes do nothing but soak in the glory of God here.

Our mornings begin so peacefully, with a certain type of quiet in the bay where we moor overnight.

Other boats moor here too, but everyone (for the most part!) is respectful of each other's need and desire for privacy and quiet.

I cook our breakfast on the back of the boat, hearing nothing more than cicadas chirping and water gently lapping at the side of our boat.

We've spent much time reading God's Word and books for personal encouragement; and hours in prayer together. We're both feeling more refreshed as the days go by.

As each day comes to an end we find ourselves more thankful for each other, for the privilege of being God's children, and for this special time to pull away.

I'm especially thankful for how God's refreshing Dave! Being out here nourishes, refreshes and gives him rest like few other things.

The wind is blowing today so we're on land, at a restaurant, with wifi, taking care of the things that need to be done. But soon we'll be back on our little boat, soaking in all the Lord has for us during these days on Lastovo!

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  1. I'm so happy along with you that Dave could refresh and relax and renew and refuel on Lastovo...with you! I know that man enough to know that he would NOT be rejuvenated if he wasn't spending this week with the love of his life!!! And I have always loved that you understand Dave's wiring and know how to be a "help meet" in beautiful ways that delight your Abba Father and Jesus as you are a beautiful female image bearer who partners with THEM! :o)