Monday, December 26, 2011

Gifts of the Heart

Christmas Day was one sweet moment after another - I felt thankful all day long for the precious time God gave us yesterday, celebrating his birth with gifts of love to and from one another.

Caleb was creative this year and gave each of us "words", along with a photo that he either took or tracked'll see a few more of them in the photos below. They were so special!

Tyler printed out a photo that Caleb especially liked from this past summer while Tyler interned in Czech - such a funny juxtaposition!

Claire used her gift of drawing to bless her dad...and add a little humor too! This was drawn with Copic markers.

Claire, like the rest of her family, has a love for photography so I gave her a book by Shutter Sisters who post a blog that I like...she'll have fun reading through it and I'm sure we'll see the results of it on her blog this coming year!

Dave blessed Tyler with an oil painting that he found in Prague this fall - it just seemed to capture a feeling of Prague that he knew Tyler would enjoy!

Loved this moment of him thanking his dad!

Tyler and Lara blessed us with a photo from the day of their engagement this fall! Oh how we couldn't have been happier when we got that's fun to have a photo to remember it by!

Another one of Caleb's gifts of words...this time for Claire! Note the typical of these two who have been good friends all their lives!

Claire created another beautiful gift, this time for Tyler and Lara...again, done with Copic markers, it's the now infamous photo of Tyler's proposing to Lara. A moment they'll never forget!

Again...words from Caleb for his dad...priceless.

And one of my gifts of the heart was an ornament I had made celebrating 25 Christmases with this wonderful man!

One last gift of words from Caleb to precious and meaningful, just like the whole day!

Thank you Jesus for your birth, the best gift of the heart.

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  1. You have such creative children. That was so thoughtful of Caleb to put words and pictures together. I really like Claire's drawing ability as well.

    So happy that you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family!