Monday, December 5, 2011


Friday night was a significant event in Caleb's life.


Pronounced "stushkovack.", it comes from the Czech word for ribbon "stuha". This party for the fourth year high school students is to get pinned with their official ribbons celebrating their upcoming maturita (graduation oral exams.)

Held in the large hall of a hotel down the valley, teachers from Caleb's high school, BMA, sat at their special table...

The ballroom was packed with parents (even though you can only see a few here, 160 people were there for the party!)...

And other students and alumni from BMA, gathered as well.

Then the special program, prepared by the class teacher and the students, began. 

There were special words and gifts to each of the teachers (who walked the red carpet to receive them!)...

Then really fun dances by the fourth year students!

As well as funny skits!

Finally, it was time for the "knighting" of students with the special sword (no idea where it came from but it looks "Lord of the Ring-ish"!), the pinning of the ribbon, and the putting on of the sash that declares each student is a "maturant" - a graduating senior!

The class gathered for a photo (thanks to Claire, who was up in the balcony, for capturing all of these great photos!)

And then the two hour program was over...each student now officially in the season of studying for those huge exams that will come in May!

Seems like it wasn't that long ago that Tyler was having his pinning ceremony...and now it's already Caleb's turn three years later! Seems like the blink of an eye.

There was a huge buffet afterward of every imaginable Czech delicacy. The desserts were on another table altogether!

Caleb with some of his friends from BMA...Filip on the left is a fellow fourth year classmate. Noah and Tomas are in second year at BMA.

And finally, our dear Jirka - long time tutor for the Patty kids. He started with Caleb in 3rd grade so this year marks 11 years of doing homework, preparing for tests, getting help on papers, speaking Czech and getting help with Czech grammar! So thankful for his input and help all these years.

And so begins the heavy studying season for Caleb!

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