Saturday, December 31, 2011

One Last Trip in 2011

Several months ago when we were talking with Dave's mom and dad about their upcoming trip here, his dad asked if it would be possible to go to Krakow.

"People always ask me, 'Have you been to Krakow?'" he said. And unfortunately his answer has always been "No...never been there".

Even though we only live two and half hours away, we'd never taken them there when they've come to visit. So we had to do something about that!

Yesterday, Dave and I took his mom and dad to Krakow and had an absolutely wonderful time in the city!

While it was cold, it was magical with all the Christmas decorations still up.

We had fun in the cloth hall, the big market in the center of the square.

And we made a special visit to meet a sweet new little baby!

Our JV teammates, Tomas and Miriam Chmiel who serve in the Ukraine, are in Krakow right now after having had their second daughter, Kristina. God provided a wonderful apartment in the city where they have been able to stay before and after the birth.

It was so special to get to see them! And all in all...a perfect day spent with people we love!

I am headed out this evening to bring in the New Year with mom and dad Patty, our dear friends, the Ellenwood's, and of course with Dave, Tyler, Lara, Caleb, Claire!

2011 has been a very happy, exciting, blessed year. Looking forward to what the Lord has for us in 2012!


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  1. Thank you for a great year of posting in 2011! It allows so many of us to follow the Patty family and enjoy you many joys and blessings. Looking forward to another great year of blogging and to you hitting 100,000 soon!