Friday, December 9, 2011

Ostrava Surprise

I wish like anything I'd had my good camera with me today. Had to settle for my phone camera to capture the surprise.

Claire and I went downtown Ostrava this afternoon to look for some Christmas gifts.

And were totally surprised by a beautiful Christmas market in the square!

It's not that they haven't had one just hasn't been anything out of the ordinary in past years.

But this year it is really something special...much bigger, better booths, more creative, a beautiful nativity scene and a big skating rink set up in the middle (sorry the photo is blurry...but just had to capture it!).

Claire and I got to enjoy our favorite Christmas market treats...roasted chestnuts for her (see above picture!) and "bramborak" for me...deep fried potato pancakes! OH MY! Amazingly tasty!

There were even dancers in the square, with gorgeous costumes, doing some festive folk dancing.

I love being surprised by things like this. It was so unexpected, and so enjoyable! We'll definitely be going back down there...might have to make sure those potato pancakes are still good the second time around.

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  1. That was so fun!! Those chestnuts are my favorite...nothing like them on a chilly evening! :)