Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You Never Know

Man in white: nice doctor at emergency clinic in Frydlant.

Woman in black: hurting lady who smashed her thumb in the car door.

That would be me. Don't be fooled by the serene look on my face. I was in agony, but trying my best not to look it.

I came home with Claire late yesterday afternoon and was in the middle of wrangling a cover over my windshield (because they said it was supposed to snow last night. It didn't.) when the car door accidentally slammed shut...on my thumb. Can you say PAIN?????

We ran inside, Claire crying, me in ice on it, saw it turn a horrible shade of purple. Kids decided I needed to get to our emergency clinic (I couldn't think about anything besides the pain) so Caleb drove me there ASAP.

The people in the waiting room were so sweet - let me go ahead of everyone. Was it the look of shock on my face? These things don't usually happen to me.

The nurse knows us and was so kind and empathetic. The doctor was great too - said he didn't think it was broken but that I was probably in more pain because of the pressure building with blood under the nail. Whatever it was...he was right it was painful. He had to stick a needle in (I know...ick, right???) to drain the blood. All the while I was burying my face in the kind nurse's arm...such a wimp about pain.

They bandaged it up, swabbed it to kill any germs, told me to keep it on for two days, take plenty of ibuprofen...and rest. Ha! With a throbbing, heavily bandaged thumb?! Difficult!

Am typing this one-handed...that's a new blogging experience. Now reminds how much I take for granted when I have full use of both hands.

And that you never know what a day will bring.


  1. Ohhhh... :( That sounds horrible!! I'll be praying that you are feeling much better soon! :/

  2. Ouch, ouch, ouch...that's gonna hurt for a while...sorry but it's true!

    Well at least you look pretty calm in the picture!

    Let's think of things to focus on when the pain comes. Ready, set...think of something else!

  3. Oh Connie. Only you and Claire would be taking a candid picture of you in the doctors office WHILE you're hurting! You are adorable!!!!! Love you!

  4. @Michelle- it was actually Caleb that took the picture!! Even better, huh? I was quietly freaking out at home, while Caleb calmly took Mom to the E.R. It was better for me to stay home and calm down a little. :)