Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Paying it Forward

When our kids were small, my best friend from high school mailed a Christmas box to us that included this:

It's been so long that I can't remember if it was her, or maybe her sister, who made this advent countdown calendar for our family. In any case, it's been up every Christmas since then - no one can remember a Christmas without it, even now when we have teenagers/almost only adults in the house.

Fast forward to last Friday. Claire and I were shopping in a little town nearby and found this oh so sweet Christmas train.

I set it on the counter after asking how much it was, sure that I supposed to buy it, but wasn't sure for whom. As I walked around the store, all of a sudden, I had a light bulb (aka: Holy Spirit speaking to me) moment.

Cece and her family! (Brian and Aleisha Stephens serve in JV with us on the Bteam - also parents to the twin boys I've written about, Gabe and Alex).

It was soooo much fun to take it over there and let Cece be the first one in the family to open one of the little doors to see what was inside (gummi bears and other assorted treats). She is just the cutest...melts your heart, she does! :)

Years from now she might not remember who it came from, or even when it became a part of their family's Christmas tradition.

But it makes me happy to think I passed on a loving tradition to Cece, her brothers and parents that my friend Karen passed on to us so many years ago!

See here for Claire's take on the story.

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