Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Multnomah magazine article

Dave and I both attended Multnomah School of the Bible, now known as Multnomah University, in Portland, Oregon.

Dave received his B.A., I earned the graduate certificate. For both of us, our time spent there was deeply meaningful.

Last spring, Multnomah contacted us and asked if they could do an article for their alumni magazine about us and Josiah Venture. "YES", we said! We love for news to go out about what God's done here in Central and Eastern Europe these past 18 years.

Their 75th anniversary edition was just published, and though we haven't seen a hard copy, it's online. We're on pages 11 through 17. Click here to see the magazine - it takes a few minutes to load but then you can scroll through and find the article.

The writer, Benjamin Tertin, did an excellent job capturing the JV story. Hope you'll take a look at it to read more about how God got us here, and what He's done since then!


  1. picture from our English Winter camp :)

  2. Excellent article, and some details that I didn't even know!

  3. I'm the editor of Multnomah Magazine and we were very happy with the article too. We couldn't have written it without the great cooperation and wonderful photography you provided!

    God Bless.