Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Claire's Happy Day

 Three years, nine months and 8 days ago, Claire looked like this.

And then a few hours this!

That would be her look for almost four years...until this afternoon.

One last picture in the kitchen at home and then it was off to Frydek Mistek...

...for a long anticipated appointment.

Tyler, Caleb and Claire have all sat in that chair being cared for by our wonderful orthodontist in Frydek Mistek. We first met her nine years ago when we began the process of braces for Tyler. She's more like an aunt now than an orthodontist as she's watched our kids grow up.

But besides being a kind "aunt", she's a great orthodontist and within an hour and a half, this was the result of her hard work, and of Claire's patience to endure many years of braces!

It's a happy day in our house as Claire has been, in her words, "De-dazzled"!

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  1. She looks so terrific with her braces off. I'll bet she is soooooo happy. Odd to think that she has had braces for almost a quarter of her life!