Sunday, December 18, 2011


It was not just an ordinary morning in Prague. No, no...does this face look like ordinary excitement?!

That clock in the Prague airport is moving much to slow for my liking...

But...if you have to wait, you might as well enjoy some coffee. And enjoy the best seat in the house at Terminal 2, waiting at Costa Coffee!

A few more minutes pass and that a VIP I see???

YES!!! It's Tyler and Lara!!!!

They finished their finals at Moody on Thursday, flew out on Friday, and arrived safely in Prague on Saturday. Three happy weeks are ahead as we have them at home in Czech for Christmas!

Lara has never been here so it was a LOT of fun showing her downtown Prague, which looks so pretty all decorated for Christmas!

Yes...I'm one happy mama to have my kids home for Christmas. And yes...even though they're not married yet...that happens in June...Lara is already one of my kids! :)

Enjoying the traditional "trdelnik" at the Christmas market in Old Town Square.

They have a lot of happy life in front of them. So glad we get to share in some of those days right now!

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