Friday, December 2, 2011


Last January I made a New Year's resolution. I wanted to write 200 blog posts this year.

Today is my 200th post!! I hit my goal a whole month early! A few thoughts from me to you on this day:
  • First, thank you for visiting my blog this year, giving me inspiration to keep writing.
  • It's been fun to track where all you're from...99 countries so far. I even had someone visit from Cuba last week!
  • With people visiting from so many different countries, I often wonder how you got to my blog. If I could wish for one thing it would be comments letting me know how you found it if you don't know me personally!
  • This is not the end! While I haven't set a new goal yet, I know I'll keep blogging.
  • The main reasons I blog regularly? 
I don't want to forget all the ways God showed Himself real in our lives this year...

I don't want to forget all the ways I've seen, touched, heard, tasted and even smelled the goodness of God along the way...

And, I want to remember life as it is today, soaking in the goodness of God in every detail!!

I'll end this 200th post with a video that I wish I'd made! It captures something of why I decided to blog 200 posts this year...I don't want to miss out on life itself.

Thanks so much for coming here to read my thoughts, musings, beliefs, tips, reflections, opinions, hopes and dreams. My prayer continues to be that my blog would be a blessing and encouragement to enjoy your God-given life as it is TODAY!


  1. Hi Connie - I came to your blog via my sister (a pastor's wife in Illinois) when she asked me to pray for Caleb, back when he was first so ill. Since I'm in missions as well, I am drawn to pray for you and yours. Thanks for sharing your life here. blessings to you and yours this Advent season, Betsy.

  2. Connie, last summer I went with a group from my church to Czech with JV, we put on an english camp and Tyler was one of our interns, I found your blog after the trip when I was googling for JV stuff! Your posts are so fun to read and a great reminder to keep praying for CZ, I hope to be back there this summer! Who knows, maybe I will meet you!

  3. Naši vedoucí z mládeže ve Vsetíně se s vaší rodinou a také s Ellenwood rodinou znají. Tak nám doporučili ať se díváme na Superstar když tam bude Noah. Později jsem se přidala do jeho fan skupiny na facebooku, kde se časem objevil odkaz na blog Claire, skrze který jsem se dostala na tento blog. Je opravdu zábava číst ty články, příběhy ze života. A je to dobrý způsob ke zlepšení angličtiny. Tak děkuju za všechnu práci co odvádíš. Je skvělá! :)

  4. Connie, I have read your blog since we met at Gull Lake. We were there the first time you guys came. We came back up the second time Dave spoke and Lord willingly plan on being there in June. Love keeping up with your family through your blog and witnessing how God is working in and through your lives. Loved your video clip today. What a thing to remember as my 4 children are in such busy stages right know. Peg

  5. Wonderful to have read your 200 posts! We are soaking in His goodness with you, and feel so connected to you here. We are glad you've taken the time to see, write, and post. Your sight increases our sight into what he is doing, and our faith in Who He is.

    Grateful for your reminder. Indeed, "*This* is the day the LORD has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Love you, dear friend!