Thursday, September 29, 2016

Chinese Food and the Glorious Sunset

With a few hours of sleep mixed into the past 24 hours, I've had the pure joy of again working yesterday and today on the special project that our Josiah Venture team is preparing for you all.

It's beyond exciting to me and I can't wait to release it in early December!

Because of those working hours, food preparation just wasn't on the top of my priority list this evening when dinner-time rolled around. So off I went to a new place we just discovered that is the answer to what to eat after a long day of work.

I promise I was being very careful to take that above photo as I drove ... just had to record the magnificence of that evening sky. The sunset was BEYOND gorgeous ... it was even more beautiful than my phone could possibly capture!!

While my food destination pales in comparison to the glory of that sunset, I have to give a shout-out about the new Chinese restaurant that opened recently near Frydek-Mistek. Not only is is really tasty, made with fresh ingredients, they also do TAKE OUT!! I needed that tonight!

But the real reason for this post is to get back to that ever increasingly beautiful sunset. While I waited for the food to be freshly prepared, I walked to somewhere that gave me a better view of it as it became more and more spectacular.

I don't know what it was in the air, clouds or atmosphere that brought these kinds of views tonight, but oh my! I couldn't get enough of it!!

I stood there as long as I could watching the colors swirl and change right in front of my eyes. Really, it was one of the most magnificent sunsets I can ever remember seeing!

Walking back to the Zlaty Drak (which means Golden Dragon!) I could barely contain my joy for having been out and about when that sunset was making its debut. It was God showing off, that's for sure!

So thankful I had a reason to take a drive to get take-out Chinese food tonight!

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  1. How is the food? I have been interested in trying it. And it's awesome to know they do takeout!