Saturday, September 10, 2016

On The Way

Before heading home from Hvar to Czech, there was one thing I still wanted to do ... harvest the lavender at our house.

We let the lavender bloom all summer for the paying guests who stayed there because it makes for an aromatic welcome every single time you walk up and down the steps!

But now that our rental guests are gone, it was time to trim the lavender. What a treat that was for me! I wished I'd had more time to do it thoroughly.

Well, what I really wish is that I knew the art of making lavender oil with our own lavender! Guess that will go onto my bucket list now. There are many people in the village who make it to sell. Maybe they will let me watch them and learn next year!

While Dave and Tyler motored the boat down around the island to have it taken out with the crane and put on the trailer, Lara and I made our way on the little dirt road that leads away from the village of Sveta Nedjelja. We've traveled this bumpy road a hundred times over the past six years that it's been there.

But this may be the last time on it.

We've heard that this fall the road will begin to be widened and paved. And maybe it will get guard rails!

Who knows how long this will take, or if they'll close the road indefinitely while it's being worked on.

Since we don't know for sure, I wanted to capture the beauty of this road before it changes into something different.

While the road may become something more civilized, the spectacular view will always be there!

We made it onto the ferry over to the mainland just as raindrops began to fall. It's time to say goodbye to summer and hello to all the great things happening in the coming weeks and months, with one of those things being introducing this little fellow to the country where his dad grew up!

We'll be in Czech soon!

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  1. I can't believe how much the lavender has grown since June! So fun to see it thick and beautiful. And definitely need to learn how to make lavender oil. I could probably ask my 80-year old boyfriend in town to teach you! (I'm still loving the oil he made for me!) :o)