Saturday, September 24, 2016

Papa, Nonnie and Judah

Tomorrow morning Tyler, Lara and Judah leave our house and head to the airport, on their way back to the States where they will begin their journey towards returning as missionaries with Josiah Venture.

What are Nonnie and Papa to do on the last morning before they leave? Let mom and dad go out while we Judah-sit!

These past three weeks have been so sweet, getting to share normal life with him. If I had to sum it up in one word it would be ... DELIGHTFUL!

He's inquisitive, engaged, and endearing. He's chatty, charming and sweet-tempered. And he's always on the move!

He made friends with Kaylee, our dog, this week and spent endless hours trying to get to where she was ... only to have her move as soon as he got there!

Though every now and then she'd stay put when he came near!

He's at that discovery age where everything within reach is interesting. Even a piece of bark pulled out of our bag of wood for the fireplace is worthy of his curiosity.

I loved watching him discover things here that his dad knows about from his childhood, like rohlíky, the rolls of bread that are so common here in Czech. That quickly became one of his favorite foods to eat.

Or drop, for Kaylee to enjoy with him. 😂

Having him sit at our island in the kitchen each day brought no end of delight. Who doesn't love seeing that precious smily face every day?!

His cheerfulness, even in the midst of cutting two teeth these past weeks, made each day so precious and memorable to be with him.

I'll have those memories forever of these first days with Judah at our home here in Czech. I look forward to many more!


  1. I don't have enough words to capture how much I LOVE seeing pics of Judah at your I'll sum it up with "L O V E ! ! ! ! !" :o)

  2. What sweet days with this little one! I noticed he has the plastic giraffe toy. Its THE highest selling infant/toddler toy on the market for several years running. So glad he's in on the trend! Loved him eating the rholiky. How fun to love on him in your home for a little bit.