Friday, September 23, 2016

My Movement Call

INSPIRE: Movements that Change Your World

This was the theme of our JV Fall conference. After three days of looking at the movement of the early church in the book of Acts, at the Moravian Brothers movement that began in the 1700's, and then our own movement in Central and Eastern Europe, we ended our last evening program with our eyes fixed on Jesus, and asking "What is my own movement call?"

I don't think I've ever been at a JV conference where we've given so much space for worship and personal reflection. No crowd breaker, no speaker, no powerpoint. Only worship and reflection ... worship and reflection. It was, for me, one of the the most, if not THE most powerful night yet at one of our conferences.

At the end of the evening, after having thought on what God was speaking to each of us personally, we wrote down on paper, our movement call.

Then one by one, we made our way to the sides of the room where there was space to tape up your paper to corporately declare what your call is from this time forward.

I wept as I saw our JV team commit to steps of selfless obedience to the Lord.

We took communion together, and then ended in the greatest worship session, gathered around the stage all together, calling out to the Lord our love and devotion to him. I imagine this was a sneak peak of heaven!

The next morning we gathered back at Malenovice in our tent, for one last session. And look what greeted us up front.

What we'd taped our 'movement calls' to last night were the letters "INSPIRE" which have been at the front of the stage all week. And now our declarations are there for everyone to see...what we've been inspired and called to this week.

Dan Hash gave our last session, speaking on what it means and looks like to be "all in", nothing held back, giving your all for the sake of the Gospel going forward.

"Don't look for next steps that cost you nothing. This will cost you everything," he said.

"It's your calling from God, to step into courage today and tomorrow, and the next tomorrow. To do what He's asking you to do. Don't shrink back. Move forward with what you've got."

"Yes, there will be delays, obstacles and redirection. But God knows what he's doing so just go do what He's telling you to do today!!"

We concluded our time by corporately praying over each of the countries where JV is working, and then Dave asked us to hold out our hands and receive the filling of the Spirit as we leave.

We now look forward, with excitement and anticipation, to what God is calling us to as we participate in HIS movement in this part of the world!!

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