Thursday, September 22, 2016

No Less Than Yes: Launching my book

Last night was one of those lifetime moments that I'll cherish forever.

I launched my book, "No Less Than Yes" at our Josiah Venture Fall conference!

After an incredibly special evening of celebrating what God is doing through our JV teammates in countries across Central and Eastern Europe, Dave invited me onto the stage.

Against the backdrop of a photo that our daughter Claire took for me in Chicago just a few days earlier ("Thank you Claire! I'm glad you were part of this evening, even from afar!"), I had the privilege of telling our team why I wrote this book.

I have a passion for remembering what God has done, and this book is about His story in my life.

In it I share about my beginnings, how God led me to the mission field, what it was like to meet and marry Dave. It's about the pressures and struggles, as well as the joys and victories of moving to the Czech Republic twenty three years ago to begin God's work of Josiah Venture in this region of the world.

In it I tell many stories about God .... what He's done, what He means to me, how He's led our family, and how He's working in this part of the world to draw people to Himself.

And it's about the faithfulness of God's promises and how He has fulfilled those in our lives.

It says in 2 Corinthians 1:20: "For no matter how many promises God has made, they are "YES" in Christ."

If HE says yes to all of his promises, how can you or I say anything LESS THAN YES to what He asks of us?

Dave tenderly surprised me with flowers after I finished sharing my heart. How I loved having him on stage with me for this significant event! This book surely wouldn't have happened without his constant love and encouragement.

With tears in my eyes, I stood for one last moment in front of our incredible team of 350 young leaders and missionaries, soaking in the privilege of getting to be part of such an amazing movement of God with these people. How I love sharing life and being on mission with them!!

The evening program ended with worship, but my friend Martina sent a text saying "There's already a line for the book!" so I rushed out to greet some of my family who were waiting to buy it!

How I appreciate these dear ones, and all the others who came, wanting to support and encourage me by purchasing a book to read!

And for the rest of the evening, I absolutely loved hugging people, laughing and crying with them, signing their books, and feeling the presence of God among these faith-filled and faithful servants of God.

I'm crying as I finish writing this post. I'll never forget this evening, and the joy God filled me with in sharing this moment with my beloved Josiah Venture family.

You, JV Family, are my heroes of the faith. Thank you for joining us in this incredible movement of God in Central and Eastern Europe!!

** My book is now available for purchase on Amazon - you can get it by clicking HERE
The Kindle version will be available in the next couple of days. 
If you read it and would like to post a review on Amazon, I'd be so grateful!**


  1. So glad that you got to lavish in the love of the Savior. May God continue to show you the journey ahead and may He continue to lead and direct you each and every day. Congratulations on your new book, may it bless and help shape lives all over the world. God bless you dear friend. We love you

  2. Hooray!! Bravo! PRAISE GOD! Yea! So very, very happy for you Connie and excited WITH you. I can't wait to read it and rejoice in HIS story that He inserted you into.
    Love from far away lands - Heidi

  3. I just found this article through Michelle facebook page. Yes!!! I want to thank you and God, that you said YES for serving in Czech republic. Four years ago, I joined english camp made by (my) church and JV. That made the biggest change in my life-> I met Jesus for very first time. So thank you for working on this God´s field, because you are part of something for what I will always be grateful. ;)

  4. My Dearest, I am so excited! So proud of you... what amazing job you have done by this book... for so many people... for Him!!!!!
    Wish to be there... Love you i.

  5. So fun to see that your book is published and is now out in the world. Happy for you and for all who will get to read your story. I know they will love it. I ordered my copy from Amazon this morning.

  6. Yay! How exciting! I've been waiting for this news. And so glad I have Amazon Prime so I don't have to wait long! I'm putting down the other 3 books I'm reading when it arrives. Love you!

  7. It was a great joy to celebrate with you on this very special evening but also for living those 23 years with you!!