Monday, September 5, 2016

A Bura is Brewing

After a week in Croatia of sunny weather every day, we woke this morning to clouds and wind. BIG wind.

There's a bura on its way this afternoon. I'm thankful we got off our boat yesterday!

Because they're expecting between an inch to three inches of rain tonight, we had to "batten the hatches" on our boat today.

Just standing down BY the boat was making me seasick. Dave did the hard work of putting the cover on and enduring the bouncing of the waves that are already starting to crash into the harbor.

The wind is warm, but it's also fierce!

You want to make sure all the ropes are pulled tight, and that your bumpers on the side are in strategic places. You do NOT want it bumping into another boat!

Dave got it taken care of and as we walked away we said to our boat, "Ride out the waves girl!"

But even during a storm it's beautiful here!

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  1. WOW! What a change!!! Like you said, I'm so thankful you got to Hvar before the storm. And that you can now be indoors. But oh my...the Bura is ready to let you know she's there!!! (p.s. I LOVE the first picture here of your crazy hair. Reminds me of our pics on the ferry on our route back to Split!) Love you....