Saturday, September 3, 2016

Peaceful Island Days

This morning we woke up to our last morning in this little cove on the Croatian island of Lastovo, the spot where we've stayed for the past five nights.

As has been our morning ritual, Dave made coffee while I made our fried eggs and we sat having breakfast in quietness on our little boat, soaking in the sights and smells one last time.

Oh the goodness of this restful time. We won't soon forget it and feel very thankful to the Lord for it.

Kaylee has been quite content with her little "den" on the boat, and happily hangs out there much of the time. Except for when she hopes we'll give her the last of our eggs!

I think she would be fine staying on the boat indefinitely as she gets to be with us 24/7.

My phone was completely out of battery, so I plugged it in then began rinsing our dishes as Dave prepared for our two hour boat ride back to Hvar. We are planning to stay at our house there for a few more days of vacation and then welcome Tyler, Lara and Judah on Wednesday through Saturday.

When I heard my phone beep, I looked at the text that had come in.

"We have a problem!", our house manager wrote.

Come to find out, the guests who are currently at the house, which we use as rental property throughout the summer, are booked to stay an extra day. Everyone else has only stayed Saturday to Saturday all summer, so this was out of the ordinary, but something Dave agreed to a long time ago when they booked the house. We all just forgot about it.

So what does that mean for us? Another day on the island of Lastovo!

As we sat in the boat talking about what the Lord's intentions might be in giving us this extra day here, we realized there was one very good reason.

So back we went to the cafe where we've spent time already. And why?

So that Dave could, perhaps, finish the book he's been working on for nearly three years!

Although there is so little to go, getting to the last finishing touches has been something that has eluded him these past months. I totally understand that. In many ways, this is the hardest part of book writing.

In order to finish, he's known that he would need one or two full days of concentration, with nothing else on his mind, and no distractions.

What a good gift to him from the Father today! With fewer and fewer people here as the season comes to a close (at least on this island), he's been able to focus in quiet and write all day. I expect we'll be here into the evening. And that's fine with me! I want him to be able to finish.

I've had plenty to do myself, and besides, one more beautiful day on Lastovo is a bonus.

Now if they would just open the only little shop here that sells ice cream bars.

Until then, I'll pray for Dave as he write and edits, and enjoy the peacefulness of the island.

A little update some six hours later....

It's now 9:30 PM and we're still here. If we stay 45 more minutes, we'll have been here twelve hours! I'm telling you, this husband of mine has perseverance like no one I know!

But it's paying off. He's on the last section right now. Oh I'm so proud of him and happy for him. I know how that feels to be nearing the finish line.

In the meantime I'm sitting here enjoying a concert, of sorts, disco ball and all! It's actually really pleasant music to listen to, by a man with a keyboard that makes it sound like he's got a huge back up band and singers with him!

It's all in Croatian so is not bothering Dave's concentration level at all. I wouldn't be able to write with the guy playing and singing, but somehow Dave's able to!

I'm gunning for another 40 minutes here so we can say we stayed for twelve hours!

Oh and after we'd already had a nice dinner, they brought us free pizza! Don't you wonder what they're saying about us??!!!

10:15 PM - We made it! Twelve hours later and he's done. Praise God!

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  1. Yes, I definitely would love to know what's being talked about back in the kitchen! You must be such a mystery to them! And well done DAVE!!! Rejoicing with you!