Sunday, September 4, 2016

Back to Hvar

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon, we headed back from the island of Lastovo to our much beloved island, Hvar.

Sveta Nedjelja, the village we've loved for eight years now, was gleaming in the golden afternoon sun as we boated into the harbor.

But the coolest part of the day? Hearing "Helloooo!!" as dear friends motored into the harbor just a few minutes later, coming over from "their" neighboring island of Brač.

These are the friends we met three years ago when they let us stay at their house for the first two months of our sabbatical. We arrived on their doorstep without ever having met them and now, they are lifetime friends, and Croatian neighbors (when we're all down here!).

We enjoyed such a pleasant evening together, talking, laughing and getting all caught up on our lives before it was time for them to head back home in order to beat the storm that is headed our way.

"Thank you John and Kris for taking a chance on us three years ago, and for being such good friends today!"

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