Thursday, September 15, 2016

Some of my Heroes

These guys are some of my heroes!

From left to right: Kyle, Brian and John - they all serve the JV team from our home office in Frydlant

I've written HERE and HERE about a JV project that I'm part of and so very excited about it! We've been hard at work on it since January, and are getting ready to beta test it soon with our staff.

The big reveal will come in November when we release it to all of you! I truly can't wait to share it with you.

This project has great complexity, and has involved hundreds, no probably thousands, of cumulative hours for those of us working on it. Somedays I feel like I have smoke coming out of my brain because it's working so hard to wrap my mind around it!

But for our Communications Team, this is just one of many projects they're tackling these days.

Do you see that white board full of writing? That's the list they're working off of these days. They do everything from production of conference details and materials, to prayer letters, to videos, to web designs and so so so much more!

And they're always cheerfully working hard when you go into the office!

It is a true privilege to serve in JV with them, and especially to work with them on our soon-to-be-revealed, oh so very exciting, project!

The PR project team

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