Tuesday, September 13, 2016

While He's Here

After arriving home late last night from Croatia, I had reason to be excited about waking up early: finding these guys in my kitchen when I came downstairs.

It's our first day ever of having Judah at our house!

He just passed his ten month birthday a few days ago, and is right on schedule with crawling and exploring everywhere and anywhere. I couldn't stop smiling as he made his way throughout the house, finding all sorts of interesting things along the way!

And of course, figuring out how to climb the stairs at Papa and Nonnie's house was on his list of "must do" things on his first day.

We have a couple of very sweet weeks ahead of us, having Tyler, Lara and Judah here, as well as Caleb and Haley who arrive next Monday; they're all here for our upcoming JV fall conference.

While there is a lot going on, I plan to take any opportunity I can to enjoy being a mom to my kids and a grandma to this dear little guy while he's at my house!

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