Saturday, September 17, 2016

Downtown Ostrava

In order to beat the rain today, Tyler, Lara, Judah and I headed out early this morning for downtown Ostrava.

Why Ostrava? To take their Josiah Venture prayer card pictures in the city!

We wandered down a few streets looking for just the right spot and after finding it, clicked away. What a privilege to get to take their pictures for the card that will be handed out to many as they share their vision for serving with JV here in Czech!

I'll let them make the reveal of what pictures they chose and then post that at a later time.

But...I did get one with just Judah and me!

After pictures were finished, we headed out of a downtown parking lot to stop at a nearby mall for coffee. All of sudden down a side street I saw the very coffee shop I was planning to take them to at the mall! We quickly parked again and made our way to Ostravanka Coffee.

What a find! I've never been to their downtown location, but loved it instantly when we walked in.

We commented about the gal who was working, that she had her hands full as she was the only one in the shop pulling shots and serving food. And there are plenty of customers on a Saturday morning, including a wedding party who came in for coffee before driving off with horns honking!

But she did a great job with each of our coffees that we chose.

There are just a few tables inside, and a few more outside on the sidewalk. But it's cozy and comfortable, and a place that I'd go to more often if it was near me.

Judah did fantastic for the photo shoot, but by the time we made it here, he was squirmy! I caught him in motion leaning against his mom, but believe me, he didn't stay there for long!

A little bit of banana tided him over for a few minutes, and was good for a few cute faces as I snapped away.

Daddy got him giggling while mommy enjoyed her coffee, and we soaked in the moment of enjoying our time there together.

And then, as you know how it goes with little ones, you gotta go!

Now that's the way to spend a morning! :)


  1. Oh I love this so much! The family photos and the beautiful details your captured too!

  2. You know I have the BIGGEST smile on my face while reading this! Such joy in unspeaking measures inside me as I see your family growing and thriving. Love you much!