Friday, September 9, 2016

Last Evening on Hvar

Waking up to this sweet face is just about the best thing in the world!

Judah is sweet, snuggly, talkative and so dear, especially in the mornings. What a gift to have two full days on Hvar to introduce him to the places that we love here!

This evening we headed into Hvar Town to look around at shops, check out yachts docked at the riva, have dinner at our favorite restaurant, and enjoy one last summer evening before heading for home.

It's kind of surreal to stand in a place where we've stood so many times before, yet this time with Tyler, Lara and Judah. Who knew when we started coming here eight years ago that one day we'd be back with our son and his family? What a little trooper Judah is, taking in all the sights with us and letting us show him around!

A few years ago we discovered Mizarola on the main square, and while we've tried other restaurants, we always end up back there because it's so good. But even better, it's the company that we were with that made it so fun!

One last picture out on the riva before it was time to head back to our house and start packing to leave in the morning.

I hope we'll be back here with them many times in the coming years!

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