Thursday, September 8, 2016

Judah in the House

When I heard a sweet baby voice resounding throughout the house this morning, my heart did a little flip flop.

Judah's in the house!

Oh how fun to go downstairs and find him having breakfast with his mommy and daddy.

Who are equally fun to have in the house!

While he took a short morning nap (after a seven hour night...not bad for a jet lagged ten month old, but not his usual twelve hours), the four of us sat out on the porch and just enjoyed a beautiful Hvar morning.

Back up again an hour later, Judah had a second breakfast and then it was time to get active to help all three of them get over jet lag.

Sunscreen and hats in place, we headed off for a walk into the village.

While it seemed Judah was wide awake for a while, it wasn't long before those sleepy eyes appeared again. Poor guy, fighting this jet lag thing pretty hard.

Before falling asleep he did get to experience our little market, a walk through the village and his first fresh fig! But by the time we got down to the sea, he wasn't seeing much of the sights.

Dear little buddy was fast asleep. Well, if you need to take a nap, this is a good place to do it, snuggled up next to dad walking in the fresh sea air.

Family picture down by the sea? Yep, asleep.

Photo over by the marina? Still sawing logs!

Making the trek back up the hill and stopping with Papa and Daddy to read the map? Nope, not even aware!

But, as we turned the corner and could see the house, his eyes started to pop open and he was ready to go again.

Then the trick became, "Do whatever is necessary to keep him awake!"

Our friend, Marijana, stopped by to see him which brought out some smiles.

I pulled a winner toy of my box I've been collecting for him and found THE PERFECT toy to get through the dinner preparation fussy period: a talking Krtek (the little mole who is a national children's hero in Czech). Oh did that ever delight him!

A walk out onto the terrace and silly selfies with Nonnie helped pass a little more time.

And finally, dinner on the terrace made for the perfect end to his day.

Well, and a little more time with Nonnie and Krtek!

And here he is, having made it to the end of his first full day in Croatia, a jet lag survivor with a smile on his face!

The sunset tonight was most spectacular, and Judah hung in there long enough to get a family picture to seal a very sweet day together.

Praying for eight, maybe even nine or ten, hours of straight sleep tonight...for the boy and his parents!

One can always hope and pray for that, right?

Feeling so terrifically thankful for a happy, beautiful day with our kids and grandson.


  1. The selfie is AMAZING! That should go in some contest. And, beautiful with him looking at you. Love it. He is so adorable. Can't wait to meet him.

  2. Oh my gosh! These pictures- I can hardly handle it! He is the sweetest! Love glimpsing the good gift your Father is giving you all!

  3. Oh, Judah has Krtek! Was my idea for present I would like to buy for him :) great pictures! Love i.