Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Next Generation

What do an American and a Brazilian have in common?

Well, in Bia's and my case, A LOT!

First of all, Bia was Haley, my daughter-in-law's, first roommate at Moody Bible Institute five years ago. It was there that she met her husband, Darius, a Romanian. They studied the Bible, fell in love, graduated, married, and moved to Romania.

And not long ago, joined Josiah Venture!

They are here at Malenovice this week, along with 34 other nationals from nine different central and eastern European countries, for our JV national orientation.

Along with the team leading this week's orientation, our office team who serves the JV family, came up for the first evening to meet everyone and share a little about ourselves so they know who we are.

When it was my turn, I took that moment to take pictures of all of these dear people from the front!

You are looking into the faces of people with BOLD FAITH!

I could not be prouder of these dear ones who are believing God for big things in their countries: believing him to bring redemption and transformation in people's lives that will literally change whole countries for the sake of God's Kingdom.

On top of that, they are trusting God to provide for their needs so they can work full-time in bringing the Gospel to the people of their countries.

(May God lead some of you reading this to support them!!)

For many, this is a huge sacrifice. They could be earning a lot of money, be successful in the marketplace, and live a much more comfortable life. But because they are committed to the Great Commission to make disciples, they are giving those dreams up and following passionately after God to do what he is asking them to do.

Dave and I are just SO very proud of these dear servants of God!

Will you join us in standing with these faith-filled, next generation missionaries?

Pray for God's hand of blessing on them.

Pray for their needs to be met.

Pray God uses them to bring about deep transformation across Central and Eastern Europe, that is rooted in lives changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

This group of passionate servants of God are the young "Josiahs" that we have prayed for these past twenty three years!

We believe that God will bring about revival in this land through them. Join us in praying for that!

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