Sunday, January 8, 2017


With the temperature being super low last night, the best place to be is inside right now.

So it's just as well I'm still getting over this virus that I picked up somewhere along the way. While I wondered if it was food poisoning, I'm inclined to think otherwise since it's been so tenacious and hard to get over. I wonder when was the last time I laid on the couch for four days straight??

Thankfully I've got everything I need to get better; prayer from faithful ones, Claire who's been cooking and cleaning (THANK YOU my dear daughter!), lots of water, tea, a warm fire and a cozy atmosphere to feel better in.

Prayer is still much appreciated. Thanks for lifting me up to the Lord! Hoping to feel better soon.


  1. My Dearest, follow with rest your body need it soooo much! i follow with praying... Love u...

  2. and if you need my chicken soup please just let me know :) or anything else, any help...

  3. So glad Claire can be there with you!!! That makes anything better!!! Hope you feel better soon!