Thursday, January 26, 2017

Thanks Core Team for the Prayer Room!

I hardly know what to say about these amazing people who sat around this table with me today.

L-R - Peter, Sona, Connie, Geri, John and Brian - the Prayer Room core team

This is the core team that has given their time, heart, thoughts, energy, creativity, and...did I mention time?!...for the past year to making our Josiah Venture Prayer Room project a reality.

The two on the left side of the table (in the above photo) are Peter and Sona from KREA, a Slovak web developer/design team who created the website for us.

While it's true that we paid them to do a job, they were not simply business partners. They listened with their hearts, took our very embryonic ideas and put SO much time and effort into turning those thoughts into a reality. This website would not exist without them.

The other three on the core team for the Prayer Room are from our Josiah Venture team.

Brian carried the whole project in his head, start to finish. I don't have enough words to express my thanks to him for ALL the hours he's spent working on this project! His ability to track everything about it, from start to finish is the other reason this website exists.

John brought his brilliant artistic mind to the creation of the website's design. It is visually beautiful because of him.

And Geri joined me at a crucial point in the project where prayer, thought, time and a whole lot of hard work had to be done.

To each of these dear ones on the core team...THANK YOU with all my heart.

This has been an incredible experience to create something so special and significant with you.

And I believe we have yet to see what God is going to do through it!

I pray that it will bring much fruit for the Kingdom of God as people pray and believe him for big things in this region of the world.

May there be many people across this region that come to know, love and serve the Lord as a result of the thousands of hours of prayers that will be prayed using this amazing tool that this team has created.

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