Monday, January 9, 2017

The Oddity of Time

Do you ever have one of those strange days, a Déjà vu moment, or perhaps a dream, where you feel like you've gone back in time?

I'm in one of those crazy, wonderful realities right now.

Having our precious Claire home after graduating from Moody Bible Institute in December is such a gift!

(And not just because she bakes me cookies for no reason, though that's honestly pretty awesome since there hasn't been a whole lot of cooking-baking going on at our house since she left!)

But it's also wonderfully strange. She hasn't been in our daily lives for a long time, so having her here sometimes makes me stop and do a double-take. What year is this?? 🤔

With that said though, getting to walk through daily life with her again after nearly four years away (even if it's just for a month right now) is super special! She's processing end-of-college, life transition phase right now, as in, what's coming next for her. So each day brings so many engaging, interesting, fun and deep conversations.

Or sometimes so much laughter our stomachs hurt and we can't stop the giggles!

In some ways it's like she never left. And in other ways, it's like 10 years have passed since she lived at home.

That's why sometimes it's hard to remember what day and year it is! It all feels so normal that she's here. And yet she's grown and matured, become wiser and smarter, and developed such faith and trust in God that it's like talking to a different person.

And yet the same one. This is where the strange day, Déjà vu moment, or dream seems like we're somewhere else than we are. Haven't we done this before? No. Yes. AGH! So weird!

But I'm loving every moment of it, and absolutely thankful that we have the privilege of spending this time together with her.

And just in case you want to know the recipe for these amazing cookies she just made me?

Ones we tried exactly 6 years, demonstrating again this weird time vortex that we're in?

Well...there you go! ENJOY!

(She offered to bake cookies and asked which ones I wanted. I asked for something with oatmeal, raisins and cinnamon, not all remembering this recipe. She grabbed our old recipe folder to look for a recipe and found this one. That she'd made exactly six years ago!)

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