Saturday, January 28, 2017

Yes, This is About a Cat

On a day with a variety of things going on...preparing to leave for the States, doing Prayer Room work, hosting a dear guest, cleaning and packing...this little sight out my window this afternoon was what I needed.

This is not my cat! In fact, I'm not sure whose cat it IS! I've never seen it before, and it's certainly never sat on my window ledge.

But there he/she was today, just enjoying the warmth of the sun from a nice perch.

We're headed into a heavy season of travel tomorrow. I always look forward to trips...spending time with people, sharing about JV, being with Dave! But travel and being away from home can also be demanding.

With that said, I'd like more of it to have the feel of this cat at my window!

Soaking it all in...aware...enjoying...warmed by what's going on...and at rest.

Claire just leaned over and said, "Wow Mom! You're doing a cat post!" Yep, I am!

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