Sunday, January 29, 2017

An Extraordinarily Special Guest

On Friday a very special guest arrived at our house. Someone I've known since the day she was born.

Amy, on the right, is the daughter of very dear friends who served with us in Germany during our Malachi Ministry days there back in the late 80's, early 90's.

On a hot August day all those years ago, Dave and I raced down to Stuttgart after getting the call from Amy's dad telling us she'd been born!

Somewhere in my archive of photos I have the one of us standing at her mom's hospital bed, with Amy in her mom's arms, and us standing around her on the day of her birth. It was the first friend of mine who'd had a baby, and from that moment on, Amy has had a very special place in my heart.

Sadly, that photo wasn't easily accessible, but here's one that was!

Though we only lived near each other in Germany for a few years, we have seen Amy and her family a handful of times through the years, despite the fact that she and her family lived in Guam for twelve years! The above photo, however, was taken in Seaside, Oregon when her dad was a pastor there, before their move to Guam.

Now after all these years, Amy has come back into our lives in a special way. She was here visiting to see if God is calling her to minister with us in Josiah Venture. Can you imagine how this thrills my heart?!

It was extraordinarily special to have her in our home, especially while Claire was here as well. These two have known each other their whole lives...and now get to connect as adults!

Amy is a gifted athlete (maybe some of my long time blog readers will remember me blogging about her running in the Olympics several years ago!), and has been here checking out Edge Sports in JV.

We're all praying for God's clarity for her, if and where, she would serve.

But if nothing else, it was so purely delightful to have this time with her!

Thankful for God's gracious family connections to dearly loved people through the years!!!


  1. Treasured Friend... What a Beautiful Post...I Love You and Praying with you!!!!!

  2. Our Girls are sooooooo Beautiful from the Inside Out :) I just has to put 2 replys :)!!!!