Friday, January 13, 2017

All in a Day's Work

Now THIS is the way to start a day!

Needing to pick up another document for completing her Czech citizenship, Claire and I headed into Ostrava this morning. While there we met up with these dear ladies.

They all serve with JV, but were having their office day here at the coffee shop instead of in Frydlant.
After great coffee and conversation, we headed off to take the document into the government office. Within just a few months, Claire will have her official document that says she's a Czech citizen!

Later we headed up to Malenovice for another meeting, stopping to soak in the beauty of the view from our training center in the mountains. It's especially beautiful here in the winter.

While we met to talk over the design of the a children's play area here, over 100 men began to arrive at the hotel. This week-end is a Christian men's conference.

If they stop to look at the view, it's a good one right now!

And so go the days here. Full. Lovely. Happy. And always with people I love!

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