Monday, January 30, 2017

Just "See You Later"

I'm never fond of goodbyes, especially with our kids.

I genuinely love spending any time with our adult children that the Lord gives us. And in this case, it was with Claire for the past month.

It was a special privilege to spend everyday life with her again after four years apart while she was in college.

But if you don't say goodbye, you can't say hello!

So we receive the good of the past month, look ahead to what the Lord has for our futures, and only say "See you later" for now!

Claire leaves soon to return to the States where she will begin the process of support raising for her ministry with our Josiah Venture Kids. We are praying for a team of people to come around her in the next months, who will pray and stand with her financially so that she can return and begin to minister to them.

Would the Lord be calling you to be part of her team? If so, you can go HERE to share in the mission of caring for and equipping our JVK as the next generation of faith-filled believers!

Turning our hearts towards what's next for us, Dave and I took off early this morning from Krakow.

We stopped in Munich...

Crossed over Greenland...

Which looks more "blue" than "green"! HAHA!

Stopped over in New York for a layover...

Do you see the Statue of Liberty?!

And finally landed in Toronto, Canada this evening!

We're here for a JV Canada board meeting, as well as a few other things which I'm sure I'll write about later!

It's good to be on God's agenda, and we're excited about the next three weeks of being his ambassadors while in the States (and Canada!).

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