Monday, January 16, 2017

Checking out the Prayer Room

That time I was on my computer, working on the JV Prayer Room, but ran upstairs to get something, only to hear Dave and Claire completely doubled over in laughter downstairs?

Yes, this would be what they were laughing at!

They said as soon as I got up, she moved over and sat down to have her moment in the Prayer Room, staring at the screen as if she were truly intent on checking it out.

I made it downstairs just as she was getting up from her take-over of the computer, so missed the funny moment.  😂

But I'm glad Dave and Claire captured it in photos for me!

In all seriousness (though I know it's hard to get serious after funny dog photos!)...

We are on our 16th day of unbroken prayer, 24 hours a day, in JV's online Prayer Room.

Today the Reflection Wall went live in the Prayer Room. This is a place where people are able to share their thoughts after having spent an hour in prayer for us. Go HERE to read some moving, meaningful words about their experience.

And after you've read about it, please take a moment to SIGN UP to pray for an hour.

If you are wondering if you should check it out, the answer is YES! I cannot recommend it enough!!

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  1. This is absolutely ADORABLE! I guess since Kaylee really is "your girl," it would only make sense that she would love and be drawn to the same things you are!!!