Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Cafe in Town

On Sunday as Dave, Claire and I were out for a drive, we happened to notice something new in Čeladná, a small town nearby.

In an old brick building, before you enter the town (across from the old Pizza Coloseum for those of you who live around here!), it looked like a new coffee shop had opened. One that looked quite different than anything else in our area.

Claire and I noted it and said we'd go back to check it out later, which we did.

The next day we stopped by and thoroughly enjoyed the cozy, warm, friendly atmosphere of this new cafe called "Kovarna," which means "The Forge" or "Smithy shop".

While sitting there I heard the beep of a text coming through on my phone. It was from a friend that Claire and I were planning to visit the next day since it's been a year since Claire has seen her.

The text said, "Is is possible to meet tomorrow in new cafe in Čeladná?

With a big smile on my face I wrote back, "You are going to LAUGH! I am here RIGHT NOW with Claire!"

Seriously, what are the chances of that happening??!! Apparently, quite high since it DID happen!

And so the next day, we were back in the same spot.

To meet with my dear friend!

And share some delightful time with her and Claire in this wonderful new space.

You truly never know when God's little joys in life might be just around the corner!

Thank you sweet Ingrid for your friendship and gifts!

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  1. It was soooo great to meet there! We had beautiful time together.... THANK YOU! Love i.