Monday, March 21, 2016

Tucked in On Hvar

Last night, with Dave's dad, mom and cousin, we grabbed a bite to eat at a gas station restaurant in Austria as we traveled toward Croatia. A bowl of goulash, some fruit and a mineral water hit the spot after four hours of travel.

Although it was 8:30 PM by the time we finished, we knew we had more hours of travel ahead of us, and a need to stop for the night somewhere along the way.

In the old days you'd pull off at an exit, look for a motel, go in to ask how much it cost to stay, and depending on the answer, bring in your suitcase, or go on your way looking for a better deal.

Thankfully there are easier ways to go about that now!

On my iPhone, using wifi in the restaurant, I pulled up and searched for hotels 5 hours away, where Dave decided we'd drive to before stopping for the night. And yes, he DID ask his parents if they were up for that!

Finding one in Karlovac that fit all our needs, I made a reservation and we headed in that direction.

At 1 AM we pulled in, and within ten minutes were in our rooms, heading to bed! What a help technology is sometimes.

This morning, as the only breakfast guests, we found an absolute feast set for us!

What a great way to start our day before getting on the road!

And coffee from this retro (at least it looked like it!) machine was just what we needed for the final "perk-up" before we squeezed in together for our last four hours of driving down to Split.

Rain chased us all the way down from Karlovac to Split, but ceased just as we headed into the city, giving a pretty view at the harbor as we got on the ferry to Hvar.

Two hours later, we were driving on the little dirt road towards Svete Nedjelja.

And tonight we're all tucked in at our house here, ready for some special days of memory making together!

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