Friday, February 7, 2020

Picking up Baby Gear

After coming from snowy Jackson, Wyoming yesterday, it was crazy to wake up to blue sky, sunshine, warm air and flowers this morning here in Scottsdale, Arizona!

We are staying at the home of friends while Dave has a JV executive team retreat here before going into board meetings in a few days.

I'm working on projects these days - some work related, and some personal, like this one that happened this afternoon.

Caleb and Haley are due with their second child in two weeks, and need a double stroller for both Charlie and baby girl.

But finding one that is 1. the right fit for their life in Albania, and 2. that is affordable, is tricky.

So when Caleb realized that we could bring one back from the States for them, he started hunting on Craig's List and Facebook Marketplace. And today was the culmination of that search!

This very nice man, an Iranian Jew (with quite a story!), was selling their stroller for 1/3 the cost of a new one in the States, and 1/5th the cost of a new on in Czech. I was very happy to go pick it up for them!

Hopefully it will maneuver well over the bumps of streets in Vlore, as well as in and out of their little shops, once they return home to Albania after the birth of baby girl.

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