Thursday, February 6, 2020

Snow to Sunshine

We woke up here in beautiful Jackson, Wyoming to fresh snow covering the ground.

We've had almost no snow at home in Czech so far this winter, so it was a treat to wake up to such a beautiful sight!

As the snow gently fell outside, we spent one last morning with our dear friend, Polly, before heading to the airport.

Thankfully the big snowfall that had been predicted didn't start until just after we left, so we made it out from Jackson, on our way to fairer skies.

But we leave a part of our hearts here in Jackson with our dear friends.

"Polly, know that you are always in our prayers!"

We landed in Denver for a quick layover, where thankfully the predicted snowfall also hadn't arrived yet.

And landed this evening in warm and sunny Arizona!

I'm not sure how or when it started, but I definitely have a fascination with weather! It's crazy to me how there are so many factors that cause snow in one place, and sunshine in another...when they're really not that far apart.

Granted, it would be a 15 hour drive from Jackson to Phoenix! But still, the incredibly diverse landscapes that God created when he made the earth are amazing.

I'm happy He lets me experience them all!

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