Saturday, February 15, 2020

Safely Back Home

Dave and I started out in sunny Arizona yesterday, flying towards home in the Czech Republic.

After a stop in Houston and Frankfurt, we boarded our last flight of this 24 hour trip.

Our layover in Houston was less than a half hour, so we were quite curious to see if all of our luggage made it when we arrived in Krakow.

Praise the Lord it did, including the stroller that we brought back for Caleb and Haley!

It was good to get home to them tonight, tucked away at our house as they await the birth of their daughter.

The whole time we were in the States I was wondering if we'd make it back before baby girl arrived, as we know that babies don't necessarily wait for grandparents. 😅

But this little girl has waited to make her appearance thus far, so hopefully she'll arrive sometime in the next nine days before we have to leave again!

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