Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Marriage Retreat in Krakow

Dave and I woke up here in Krakow this morning, across from the train station at the hotel where we'll be hosting the JV marriage conference this week.

Our marriage coaches have started arriving from many different places, including the US, which is where our pastor and his wife, from Grace Church of DuPage, have arrived from!

Claire is here too this week, in charge of the child care for babies under the age of 1. She's got a team here to care for those seven babies. They'll have their hands full, loving on those children while they're parents are in sessions and getting coaching.

We started doing these marriage retreats ten years ago, recognizing that it doesn't matter how great our strategies are for reaching young people with the Gospel if our marriages and families are not healthy (that goes for singles too...and we do other things to support them).

So it was with great joy, and also a strong sense of responsibility, that Dave and I headed downstairs this evening to begin the foundational course of "Back to the Garden: Marriage as God Intended".

It's hard to speak and take pictures at the same time! But I managed a quick photo while our 50+ couples (you can't see them all!) were answering questions we'd asked during the first session.

We're off to a great start, and I'm excited about what God has for these couples in the coming days.

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